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Workshop Catherine Dixon - Working with words

Workshop Catherine Dixon - Working with words

Datas: 8, 9 e 10 de novembro de 2011 Horário: das 19h às 22h
Local: Instituto de Artes da UNICAMP, sala AP07 (2º andar)
Organização: Programa de Pós-graduação em Artes Visuais Unicamp e FACAMP
Número de vagas: 20
Quem poderá se inscrever:
• Professores do Instituto de Artes da UNICAMP ou do curso de Design da FACAMP;
• Alunos graduados em Design na FACAMP;
• Alunos da graduação do Instituto de Artes da UNICAMP (com iniciação científica em andamento);
• Alunos pós-graduação do Instituto de Artes da UNICAMP.

Ementa do workshop: A series of connected workshops exploring the articulation of information when working with texts.

Ementa do workshop: A series of connected workshops exploring the articulation of information when working with texts:
8/11 – articulation of information: information hierarchies Much of design work is not concerned simply with ideas but also with organization. As professional designers we are often given some kind of information (text and/or images) and asked to visually present it, perhaps in a specied format such as a book, poster, exhibition panel sequence etc. This practical workshop is designed to introduce you to the importance of identifying hierarchies of importance within the information you are dealing with. Information can be grouped according to different kinds of meaning and different associated levels of importance for any given situation. These hierarchies within the meaning of the information you are working with can provide clues as to how to most appropriately approach visual presentation.
 9/11 – articulation of information: managing textures We so often refer to the text as a 'block' when we are designing. Yet text is so much more complex than the creation of a simple block. This workshop will explore the ways designer's balance the articulation of information on the editorial page, where differences need to be distinguishable, with the need to create a visually coherent whole. The designer of texts is managing a sequence of decisions, each choice connected to a series of others. A part-practical / part-theoretical workshop, this session is intended to help you better understand the relationship between these choice-points, so that you can better manage the differences between your paragraphs and your pages.
10/11 – articulation of information: visual interventions Text is often referred to as just that – the non-visual information that is just flowed into a layout, often represented when we are designing pages in 'lorem ipsum', a language that is not even our own. Yet texts vary considerably, in terms of content and in terms of style. This workshop will explore some of the potential within the linguistic information content of a text as the basis for layouts which explore alternative and potentially more creative ways of emphasizing meaning. This work takes as its key reference point, the work of Stefan Themerson and his incredible interesting ideas around what he referred to as 'internal vertical justification'.

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